Mismanaged Health Care in the Foster System

About the Book

About the Author

Imagine the current  health care system…

Imagine the current  health care system treating your kid…

Imagine your worst nightmare as a parent…

D’Ashon was born three months early, weighed just over one pound and tested positive for several drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, which most likely contributed to his premature birth. Shortly after birth, he had difficulty breathing which led to a tracheostomy with a tube placed so he could breathe. Child protective services took custody of D’Ashon and managed his care, placing him in foster care.

About the Author

Linda Badawo, is a native of Ogoni Mogho Gokhana, Rivers state of Nigeria. She was born to the family of the late Badawo Aakol Saturday, and she is the first sibling of seven children.

She is a license nurse and a founder of Texans Lil Fragile Voices, a non profit  organization with a global mission to relieve the plight of impoverished children, mandate health care for all, provide tools to end poverty, enhance the laws that governs the foster care system, and provide adequate timely health care for the medically dependent children around the world.


Linda cannot change what happened to her son, she wrote Double Trauma to tell his story in the hopes that we can work together to change the quality of health care that our most needy and fragile citizens need.

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