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Linda Badawo, is a native of Ogoni Mogho Gokhana, Rivers state of Nigeria. She was born to the family of the late Badawo Aakol Saturday, and she is the first sibling of seven children.

She is a license nurse and a founder of Texans Lil Fragile Voices, a non profit  organization with a global mission to relieve the plight of impoverished children, mandate health care for all, provide tools to end poverty, enhance the laws that governs the foster care system, and provide adequate timely health care for the medically dependent children around the world.

Every year people flee from their country of origin to the United State of America and other immigrant-accepting countries seeking asylum and protection against persecution from race, religion, nationality, political opinion, members of a social group, and fear of the unknown.

Linda Badawo is a refugee from Nigeria. She fled her country over a decade ago as a result of violations of human rights inflicted on the Ogoni people by the Nigerian government in the early 90’.  She is an advocate for the survival of the Ogoni people (MOSOP). MOSOP was founded in 1990 with the mandate to campaign nonviolently to promote democratic awareness, protect the environment of the Ogoni people, and foster fairness, a better life, freedom, justice, and equality for all. Ken saro-Wiwa was one of the nine Ogonies executed by the Nigerian government by hanging on November 10, 1995, and many thousands of undocumented people were also killed. Ken saro Wiwa was the president of this group, encouraging all Ogonies to fight fearlessly and peacefully for their rights.

Because of the generosity of the American people in the early 1990’s as a “nation of immigrants”, the land of the free, the home of the brave, with democracy and opportunity for all, she was able to come to the United States  and start life all over again. Her hopes, faith, and values were unimpeachable because of the American narrative which guided her. She believed that she could accomplish everything that she could through perseverance.

She was able to take a loan and go back to school to become a nurse in Texas. After she completed her education and training, she worked nonstop for two years and was able to purchase her first home in Mesquite, Texas, with the hope to foster medically dependent children. This was her way of giving back to the great country that had believed in her. In 2013, she started fostering children with complex medical needs, and have now adopted two medically dependent children as her own.

 She is convinced that a managed health care system that has failed millions of vulnerable citizens over the years can be reformed, and the humanitarian crisis she had personally witnessed can be overcome. 

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