Double Trauma book


Double Trauma by Linda Badawo. 2020

Imagine your worst nightmare as a parent…

D’Ashon was born three months early, weighed just over one pound and tested positive for several drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, which most likely contributed to his premature birth. Shortly after birth, he had difficulty breathing which led to a tracheostomy with a tube placed so he could breathe. Child protective services took custody of D’Ashon and managed his care, placing him in foster care. 

As his foster mother, Linda Badawo was hopeful as the outlook for his future was encouraging. However, as D’Ashon approached his first birthday, he developed a dangerous habit of pulling out his trach many times during the day. Consequently, he needed round-the-clock nursing care to prevent him from pulling it out or if he pulled out, reinserting it immediately. 

However, the health insurance company covering foster children like D’Ashon refused to follow the doctor’s orders and provide him with the necessary nursing supervision. Unfortunately, the limited care led to an irreparable, irreversible trauma leaving D’Ashon with brain damage at 14 months. He is now in a persistent vegetative state. 

Although Linda cannot change what happened to her son, she wrote Double Trauma to tell his story in the hopes that we can work together to change the quality of health care that our most needy and fragile citizens need. 

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